Have you ever run a business event? Here’s why you should be and how to do it.

Have you ever run a business event?

It’s hard work.. Lets not beat around the bush here..

Not only that, we want to master one platform, but increase our chances by being on as many platforms as possible! This is the challenge we face daily.

There is a lot to do.

This is why, if you widen your overall marketing strategy, your social media strategy can become so much simpler for you.

In this instance, we’re talking about putting on a business event.


We’re talking about any type of event that you can put on within your business that gives you an opportunity to meet new people, talk to them and have something to talk about online.

Here’s a couple of suggestions…

  • Online networking with limited numbers.
  • Online webinar showcasing what you do.
  • In person networking.
  • A conference or learning event.


  • Opportunity to meet people
  • Networking
  • PR Potential
  • Creating fans of your business
  • A reason to get people onto your website
  • Grow your online ecosystem
  • Grow your audience
  • Create fans of your brand
  • Email address collection
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Content for your macro content
  • Content for your social media content

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to putting on an event for your business. If you’re now thinking this is beyond your skill set, then here’s a really simple approach.

  1. Decide to host an online zoom networking session for 10 people.
  2. Talk about it all over your social media.
  3. Ask them to register directly with you on DM.
  4. Add them to the calendar event.
  5. Host the event.

There you go.. You’ve just hosted your first business event in the simplest way possible… You also ticked 9 off of the list above


So, Emily, my wife and business partner here at www.YellowTuxedo.co.uk put on an event called The Digital Circus LIVE [ www.TheDigitalCircus.LIVE]

The Digital Circus LIVE, is a one day virtual event using a platform called Hopin, where we celebrate digital visibility, business growth and opportunity..

It’s all about showing businesses how to grow online and benefit from the opportunities that are available to you when you do this, as they are huge.

The event has..

  • 5 main stage keynote speakers sharing their stories and inspiring you.
  • 10 workshops showing you how.
  • A dedicated speed networking zone.
  • An expo hall full of amazing businesses for you to collaborate with.

As you can see, putting on an event like this already ticks a lot of boxes for a business.


Lets start with a fact..

As a business at no point do we aim to ‘beat’ the algorithm, but we do recognise that a lot of these social platforms work in certain ways and reward certain activities, ie They want you to be social and to chat.

What content do we start to create for this type of event?

Macro content and social content is created. Macro content is chunkier content, that can be SEO keyword optimised and will eventually become evergreen content. Usually it is a video, blog & podcast and it fits into your online ecosystem perfectly.

Social content is exactly what you believe to be social content. However, if you put on an event and create macro content, your social content becomes a heck of a lot simpler, because it gives you everything you need for your socials.

Macro content ideas…

Meet the speaker videos

Event breakdown videos

Platform explanation videos [How to’s]

Blogs explaining the event

Blogs with sign up and event information.

Blogs asking people to join your mailing list.

Podcast episode with each speakers

Podcast episodes with guests

Record a live podcast at the event

And perhaps even some LIVE streams.

Social Media Content Ideas

A reason to be social with your followers

All of the above would then create its own social content to launch it. It would give you images, short form video and way more to share out until your hearts content and your event is a success.

Not only that. It makes ‘selling’ feel less icky, if you feel icky selling that is! You should never ever feel icky selling, that’s for sure. But, some do.


- When you think you’ve posted out enough, you haven’t. Keep posting, keep sharing, keep creating content.. Yes, it takes time, but the rewards and benefits are there..

- There are over 7 billion people in the world.. You’re only looking for an extremely small percentage of these to become your audience.


I’d love to know if you got any particular take away from it and if you fancied sharing that with us, then you can on on any platform with @YellowTuxedo or feel free to drop me an email on alan@yellowtuxedo.co.uk Thanks again.


We’d also love to invite you to subscribe to our regular newsletter, The Yellow Tuxedo Times, where we share digital visibility & online ecosystem hints, tips and news from our community. Oh and we’ll be letting everyone know about The Digital Circus LIVE next year, which is 28th March 2023.

👉Here’s the link- https://www.yellowtuxedo.co.uk/stay-in-touch/

Thank you for reading today and have fun always.

Originally published at https://www.yellowtuxedo.co.uk.



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